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Ferrous Metals

As a significant player in the processed metal market, and as approved suppliers to several of the main UK Metal Merchants, B.H. Porter & Son Ltd can assure its customers of the best prices available.

B.H. Porter & Son Ltd pays competitive prices for scrap ferrous metals such as: scrap cars, engines, construction scrap, machinery, plant, cast iron, heavy iron, light iron, turnings, wrought iron and other various steel. 

For information on current prices, please contact us on:  01945 582610 or email: info@bhporterandson.co.uk

Non-Ferrous Metals

B H Porter & Son can also pay up to date competitive prices for your scrap non-ferrous metals such as:
Aluminum Alloys and Alloy Wheels
Armoured Cable Brass
Brass/Copper Rads Bronze
Bright & No2 wire Copper Cable
Household Cable Heavy Copper
Mixed copper Nickle
Lead piping Precious/semi-precious metals
Sheet Lead Solder
Stainless Steel Lead acid batteries

For information on current prices, please contact us on: 01945 582610 or
email: info@bhporterandson.co.uk

Factory Arisings and Scrap Metal Collections

B.H Porter & Son Ltd can provide a collection and recycling service to industries for production of all ferrous and non–ferrous metal waste, still paying competitive prices and assisting with Duty of Care considerations.

We can also provide a metal collection service for businesses and the general public for the removal of your metal wastes using our a wide range of skip services to suit your volume of regular or one off requirements

B. H. Porter & Son Ltd are a dynamic organisation, leading the way in this ever changing recycling industry in the processing of Scrap Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals.

We strive to provide a quality service that adapts ahead of legislation changes and provides a genuine value.